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The Clarenceville Education Foundation provides a wide variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of the students and teachers of the Clarenceville School District.

Academic Scholarships

Higher education in Michigan has become more and more unaffordable and inaccessible for many of our school community families.  Having a college degree is becoming more and more significant.  Research shows people who possess a college degree earn at least an additional $800 per month.  Scholarships will make higher education a little more affordable and accessible to Clarenceville School District students.

Mini – Grants

Teachers are continually choosing to pay for school supplies with their own money to supplement and enhance the learning environment within their classrooms.  In fact, statistics show that on average, a teacher contributes more than $1,000 annually.  Mini – grants encourage the development of unique and creative educational experiences that allow teachers to enrich student learning, thus impacting student achievement, while at the same time alleviating the financial burdens placed on teachers of the Clarenceville School District.

School Improvement Projects

The Clarenceville School District strives to provide the best educational experience possible, with a goal of being a role model to other districts.  The Clarenceville Education Foundation supports and encourages innovation in teaching and learning.  By providing financial resources to programs that are cutting – edge, innovative and original, it fosters passion and excitement for learning.

Clarenceville Education Foundation
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